Our Warranty

iPhone Repair Long Island offers a limited 1 year warranty to our repair customers. We offer hassle free warranty services to device repaired by us, so you can have the safety net of knowing, if a defect happens, you will be covered.

Our store offers a Limited 1 year (365 day) warranty on all parts and labor that are associated with the repair. The warranty is exclusive to the benefit of the original customer of the said device repair, and is non-transferable. The Limited 1 year warranty covers parts with manufacturer oriented defects installed by our store as well as any labor involved with the preceding repair and does not cover supplemental/accidental damage of any kind. Supplemental/accidental damage is defined as any damage unrelated to the preceding repair, including but not limited to liquid damage or physical damage to the device. Symptoms of manufacturer-related defects may include: touchscreen sensitivity or LCD performance, or spontaneous/abrupt decline in overall device functionality. Exclusions to the warranty include but are not limited to liquid and/or physical damage, console reflows, batteries, soldered components and accessories.

ANY physical damage and/or liquid damage that occurs after a repair service is rendered will completely void the warranty. The warranty is also void in the event that a manufacturer software update/enhancement/upgrade that adversely affects the functionality of the repaired device. We are not responsible for any data loss that may occur on the device, due to before repair, during repair, or after the device repair. Any form of Jail-breaking, or device hacking also subject the repaired device have the warranty voided.

The warranty is in effect from the date of device repair, through the date 1 year (365 days) from the repair date.