iPod Classic / iPod Touch Repair

Maybe you’re old school and still love your click wheel iPod Classic, or maybe you have an iPod Touch with a broken screen.  Either way iPhone Repair Long Island can help you out.  We can replace the screen or battery on your iPod touch, or iPod Classic.

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iPod Touch Screen Repair

A broken, cracked glass iPod Touch is no fun, let alone dangerous.  Let us at iPhone Repair Long Island, get you back in action today and fix that broken screen on your iPod Touch.

iPod Battery Replacement

The iPod.  The original, that started all this, is still the best portable music player around, and odds are you have your entire music collection on it.  If your battery isn’t holding a charge any more we can help.  We offer iPod Classic battery replacement services for all the models. 

iPod Classic Music Back Up

Maybe you are looking to move your music to your computer, or a new iPhone.  We can extract all the music off of your iPod Classic/iPod Mini/iPod Nano and put it on an external storage for you to use on any platform of your choosing.   Let us back up your iPod music today.

How much does it cost?

At iPhone Repair Long Island,  Long Islands iPod repair destination, we offer many budget-friendly services for your iPod. We don’t list our prices because they are typically changing all the time, often getting cheaper with time.  Please contact us today for a quote for your iPod Repair.