Where do I Fix my iPhone in Massapequa?

Q?: Where do I fix my iPhone, iPad or iPod on Long Island

A: At iPhone Repair Long Island in Syosset, on Jericho Turnpike. We can fix your iPad Screen, the power button on your iPhone or even a charging port on your iPod. Even if you need to fix your Mac screen, we can take care of it quickly and with top quality parts and a hassle free warranty so you are assured that your repair is in good hands.

Q?: Do you Guys only Fix the iPhone?

A: No! We fix all major small electronics, including wireless phones by Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, and LG just to name a few. We also repair the iPod Touch and the iPad. Our name just happens to be for the most commonly searched term in Smart Phones right now.

Q?: Will I have to leave my phone? What about all my personal data?

A: Your phone does not have to be left with us all day, or for a few days like some other repair centers. Most repairs, can be done while you wait. If we need to order a specific part for your repair, then you can take your device with you and just come back once the part is in stock. Water damage repairs can take a few days at times, do to the diagnosing process involved, but we work as briskly as possible to get your device back in your hands in full working order.

Q?: Do I have to call before i come in, or call to make an appointment?

A: You do NOT have to call before you come in at all! Unlike some shops who make you call an hour before you come in, and make you leave the device, we do not require that at all. You can come into our store during our business hours.

Q?:What if you break my phone?

A: Simple answer, we will not break your phone. Your bringing the device to us because you accidentally broke it, so you have no worries from our side, we only fix devices, we do not break them worse. If for some odd reason, something goes wrong by any chance whatsoever, we will fully accommodate the customer and make sure that they have no unnecessary down time.

Q?: What if I do not want to drive to your store, and I want to mail it to you to get it fixed, can I?

A: Sure You can, just give us a call at iPhone Repair Long Island, and you can ship us your device, which we repair and return to you within 24 hours. We will even cover the return shipping of your device.