iPad Repair

iPhone Repair Long Island is where to get your iPad repair done in Massapequa.  Most repair services are same day, and we only use the best of the best quality parts.  Whether your screen is all cracked and broken or your battery is dying way faster than it should, we have you covered.  We have repaired thousands upon thousands of broken tablets, which means we have the experience to get your repair done right.

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iPad Repair Massapequa

iPad Repair

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iPad Screen Repair

Do you have a cracked, broken glass screen on your iPad? iPhone Repair Long Island has you covered. We can repair most iPad models same day to get you back in action.

iPad Battery Repair

We can replace the battery on your dying iPad. If your device doesn't hold a charge like it used to, don't buy a new one. Instead let us replace your battery conveniently in Massapequa.

iPad Water Damage Repair

iPad + Water = Trouble. If your iPad took a dip, get it to us as quickly as possible for your best chance of recovery. We use a assortment of tools to get the water out before any long term damage occurs.

iPad Charging Problems

If your iPad isn't taking a charge, we can help. At iPhone Repair Long Island, we can repair your faulty charging port, or diagnose why the iPad is not properly charging conveniently at our Massapequa store.

How much does it cost?

At iRepair,  Long Islands iPhone repair destination, we offer many budget-friendly services for your iPad. We don’t list our prices because they are typically changing all the time, often getting cheaper with time.  Please contact us today for a quote for your iPad Repair