Console Repair

If you are looking for console repair near you, look no further.  iPhone Repair Long Island can fix any console you heave whether it be a PlayStation, Nintendo Switch or Xbox. 

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PlayStation Repair

We can fix any generation of PlayStation you might have,  including issues such as broken HDMI ports, or bad storage devices.  We can also fix your PlayStation if it had a bad software update and is now saying you must manual load the operating system.

Xbox Repair

If your Xbox is broken is any way, such as no signal, not reading storage device or more, iPhone Repair Long Island can repair your Xbox and get you back in the game.

Nintendo Switch Repair

The Nintendo Switch is one of the best portable video game systems to come out in years, but it can break.  We can fix the screen, charging port, and more on your Nintendo Switch.  Come down to our Massapequa store to get your Nintendo Switch console repaired today.

How much does it cost?

Depending on which Conesole you have, and what the issue is at hand, the prices will vary. Please contact us today for a quote for your Video game console repair.