iPhone Repair Services in Massapequa

“Where do I get my phone fixed near me”  is a common question we see.  The answer is at our conveniently located Massapequa store.  We are the one stop shop to get your iPhone repair done on long island. We can quickly fix a range of problems with any model iPhone.  From broken screens to batteries that die far too quickly, we can fix your broken iPhone today.

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iPhone 8 Plus Repair

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iPhone XS Max Repair

iPhone 11 Repair

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iPhone 11 Pro Repair

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iPhone 12 Repair

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iPhone 12 Pro Repair

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iPhone 12 Pro Max Repair

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 Repair

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iPhone 13 Pro Repair

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iPhone Screen Repair

Broken iPhone screens are way too common. iPhone Repair in Massapequa can repair your cracked screen near you and do it quickly using the highest quality parts available. 

iPhone Battery Replacement

We can replace the dying or dead battery on your iPhone so that it lasts many more hours of the day again instead of you having to live on a charger.  Most battery replacement services only take about 30 minutes or less.

iPhone Water Damage Recovery

Newer iPhone models can withstand some liquid, but it is not perfect.  In the situation your iPhone gets wet or takes a dip in some liquid, get it to us as fast as possible for the best chance at fixing your water damage iPhone.

How much does it cost?

At iRepair,   we offer many budget-friendly repair services for your iPhone. Dependant on which model you have, and what damage needs to be repaired we can offer you a price with a quick phone call or by simply messaging us.