Virus Removal

Computer virus removal in Massapequa, convenient to most of our Long Island customers.  iPhone Repair Long Island can help you with your virus // popup //malware problem today!

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Computer Virus Removal

Open an email that looked real, and boom – your computer is now super slow?  Or maybe certain things stop working correctly out of nowhere, or you are locked out from certain actions.  Sounds like you got a computer virus, in which iPhone Repair Long Island can gladly remove for you.

Annoying Popups

Nothing is worse than being on the web, doing your thing and random pop-ups start flying at your face from the nether world.  This is usually malware, and we can get rid of it!  iPhone Repair Long Island can remove malware and pop-ups from your computer and help prevent them in the future.


So you are locked out of using your computer, or all your files are now changed to some encrypted format.  This is the WORST of all virus types, as you will have some guy from across the world telling you to send him Western Union or gift card codes, for a code to get your computer back.  News flash,  they just ask for more once you pay them.  We can fairly often remove these viruses and get your computer back to working order,  just immediately disconnect from the internet, and power down.

How much does it cost?

Starts at $99

iPhone Repair Long Island can remove MOST viruses / malware / pop ups for $99.  This does not cover ransom-ware as that can take many hours to fix.  It Does not cover data recovery if it is required, or data back up.  Give us a call today or shoot us a message to find out more.