Laptop Screen Repair




Getting your laptop fixed in Massapequa has never been easier.  Whether you have a cracked screen on your chrome book, an HP, a Dell, or maybe an Alienware.  iPhone Repair Long Island can handle your laptop screen repair quickly and within your budget. 

Laptops are great little machines,  what is not so wonderful is when life happens and the screen takes an unexpected hit from a fall or maybe your little brother threw a shoe at you..  either way iPhone Repair Long Island can repair your cracked and broken LCD screen, and get your computer back in action fast.

A lot of newer laptop computers come with touch screens these days, this can break fairly easily and if it does we iPhone Repair Long Island has you covered.    We can replace the touch screen quickly, and at a budget friend price and get you back to being your productive self.

Most laptop screens are a day away these days.  The process for most instances of repair are – you bring the laptop to us to diagnose, we check the exact original part number on your existing part, we order it,  it comes the next day or 2 (usually) and we complete the repair the same day it arrives.

How much does it cost?

As Low as $149 Including Parts & Labor

Will be able to give exact pricing upon diagnosing actual computer.