Laptop Battery Replacement




Getting your laptop battery replaced in Massapequa has never been easier.  No matter the brand, whether it be a chrome book, an HP, a Dell, or maybe an Alienware.  iPhone Repair Long Island can replace your laptop battery repair quickly and within your budget. 

Laptops are great, unfortunately their batteries sing a different tune.  Typically a Laptop battery loses about 20% maximum capacity per year dependent on use and charging habits.  Eventually you are required to live on a charger.  Not anymore, as we can replace your laptop battery quickly, and extend the life cycle of your computer.

If your laptop no longer lasts a few hours like when you purchased it, likely the battery is on its way out.  Get ahead of problem and have use replace your laptop battery at our Massapequa store quickly.

Most laptop batteries are a day away these days.  The process for most instances of repair are – you bring the laptop to us to diagnose, we check the part number on your existing battery, we order it,  it comes the next day or 2 (usually) and we complete the repair the same day it arrives.

How much does it cost?

As Low as $149 Including Parts & Labor

Will be able to give exact pricing upon diagnosing actual computer.