iPod Classic Repair




iPod Classic Repair iPod Classic Repair


iPod Classic Screen Repair

iPhone Repair Long Island can fix your broken iPod Classic Screen. You can tell if you need a new screen if:

  • Your iPod Classic Glass is cracked and broken
  • The picture is very dark
  • You have white blotches on your screen
  • Your Screen color is messed up, or you have lines across your screen


iPod Classic Track Pad Repair

We can fix your broken Track Pad on your iPod Classic.

  • Is it hard to select songs?
  • You have to press very hard on a button for it to work
  • a button is stuck down, making phone difficult to use

iPod Classic Battery Replacement

The battery on the iPod Classic is supposedly rated at 400-500 charge cycles. A charge cycle is any form of discharging the battery then charging it, even if just for a minute. We see that the iPod Classic battery typically starts showing degraded performance after about 1-2 years of use.

  • Does your iPod Classic battery die really fast?
  • Does your iPod Classic battery seem to charge faster than it should?
  • You live on a charger, without it you only get like 3-4 hours of use?