iPhone 6S Plus Repair




iPhone 6S Plus Repair

The iPhone 6s Plus came out in 2015. It is a very good phone and has great value still. The iPhone 6S Plus is the big brother of the iPhone 6S has the same problem as most iPhone’s do though, which is a big glass screen that breaks easily. We can fix it fast. We offer a wonderful no hassle 1 year warranty on our iPhone 6S Repair services, and we also match/beat our local competitors listed pricing.

iPhone 6S Plus Screen Repair

You can tell if you need a new screen if:

  • The iPhone 6S Plus Glass is cracked.
  • The picture is very dark, blotchy or has lines across it
  • Touching your screen isn’t working like it should
  • Your screen is no longer on your phone…. then you definitely need a new screen (what did you do???)

Home Button Repair

  • Home button works intermittently
  • You have to press very hard on the home button for it to work
  • Home button works when it wants to
  • Home button fall out of the phone completely?

Battery Replacement

  • Does your battery die really fast?
  • Does your iPhone 6S plus jump around in battery percentage?
  • You live on a charger, without it you only get like 3-4 hours of use?

Charger Port Repair

  • Does your iPhone not charge?
  • Does your iPhone not connect to the computer?
  • Do you have to move the charger around to get it to connect at a certain angle?

If you have any issue with your Phone 6S Plus that we do not have listed, please do not hesitate to simply contact us or visit our stores in Syosset and Massapequa and tell us what your devices issue is. Remember, we always offer free diagnosis on all smartphones.