Computer Liquid Damage

Everyone loves a cold or warm beverage, except your laptop,  It hurts it.  iPhone Repair Long Island has a long history of liquid damage recovery for laptop computers, and data recovery.  We have multiple tools and programs we use to get your laptop back in action as good as it was before the incident happened.

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Liquid Damage Computer Repair

That picture look familiar? Don’t freak out.  iPhone Repair Massapequa can help you if your precious laptop went for a swim, or if it drank something unexpectedly.  We can diagnose, clean and replace required hardware and parts to get your water damaged computer dry and working like it should again.

Liquid Damage Data Recovery

If your computer is extremely damaged, or maybe its older and you don’t care about the actual computer, just whats on it – we can usually help.  iPhone Repair Long Island can more often than not, save your date by taking out your hard drive from the computer and recovering the data from it. 

How much does it cost?

Prices vary for liquid damage repairs.  The price is dependent on your situation, what needs to be repaired. replaced, cleaned, etc.  Please contact us today for a quote for your Liquid Damage computer repair.