Computer Upgrades




Computer Upgrades

We offer all types of computer upgrade services at our Massapequa repair store.  Whether you need a bigger hard drive, more memory, a new graphics card or even a new motherboard, iPhone Repair Long Island can help you out and get it done right.

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Hard Drive/SSD Upgrades

We can make your slow computer run so so much faster than it does now.  If you currently are using a mechanical hard drive, we can upgrade you to a much faster SSD or NVMe drive.  iPhone Repair Long Island can make your computer 10X-100X faster  with these simple upgrades.

Memory (RAM) Upgrades

Today’s applications are very memory intensive,  so having not enough memory can cause your computer to grind to a halt.  Just having browser tabs open can use up all your memory if you don’t have enough.  iPhone Repair Long Island can upgrade your memory on your computer to the fastest, and highest capacity allowed. 

Graphics Card Upgrade

Calling all gamers.  This is your time.  We can upgrade your computer to a newer NVIDIA or AMD graphics card  so you can play all the best and latest games.  With the 3000 series from NVIDIA and the 6000 Series from AMD coming out this year, this is a great time to have iPhone Repair Long Island upgrade your graphics card to get all the frames you can handle.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary by model and parts used to upgrade your computer.  Our Labor rate is typically just $99 + Parts.  That includes the bench fee for the computer.  Unlike many of our competitors who lure you in with a low labor cost to only hit you with a large fee just to take the computer in.  Please contact us today for a quote for your computer upgrades.