Long Island, New York is like a Smart Phone haven. You got Grandmas texting their grand kids to pick up milk when they head home, and you got parents who ignore their kids phone calls and text them back a second later saying “whats up”. What issssss that!?! When did this happen to our nice little community? People cannot afford their car payment or house payment, but sure as hell they can afford a brand new iPhone or Blackberry and pay for the early upgrade price of $400+ dollars. This is the problem with Long Island…. people do not realize that just because its broken, it does not always need to be replaced. When you have a iPhone 4 for example, people tend to think “Oh, its worth $200 dollars because that’s how much AT&T roped me in for with a contract”. I have news for all of you out there that think a iPhone 4 is worth $200 dollars, your crazy! To replace that phone without the ability to sign a contract with AT$T you are talking about spending upwards of $600+ Dollars to buy a current Generation iPhone from Apple without signing a contract. Apple offers to fix your phone if you break your screen for $200 dollars + Tax, not to mention that they do not even fix the phone, they take your phone, with all your data, and exchange it for a refurbished iPhone. iPhone Repair Long Island can take your iPhone 4, and fix the glass touch screen, and LCD for around $120 Dollars. And we offer a 90 day warranty on our repair, that we stand by fully, you can ask our previous customers. You get to keep YOUR iPhone, with your data on it, and repair it back to how it was before you dropped it. So this message is to all you Long Islanders who buy iPhone, after iPhone when they take a little fall, you can get them fixed for less. We keep all the parts in stock, and do the iPhone 4 Repair while you wait. We can even do the Home Button, the Back glass cover, and Verizon or AT&T models. Do not let your broken iPhone 4, 3G or 3GS get you down, or cause you to waste considerable money on replacing your phone just because of a little broken glass. Even if you fix a broken iPhone that has been sitting in the drawer because you replaced it already, you can get it fixed and resell it for good money. If you do not wish to spend money or do not have the time to fix it, we will buy your broken iPhone from you for cash.


By Eric Cronin


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