So I have been in the business of repairing the iPhone and its cousins since the iPhone 3G first came out, which is what i consider the true first iPhone, due to the overwhelming response it brought upon, and the introduction of the infamous “App Store”. In the time since then, I have repaired a few thousand broken iPhones, iPods and iPads. In the time since the iPhone 4 was released I have seen These phones take over Long Island in an unreal, unprecedented speed. It is handheld glass device that people just cannot live without for more research paper service than a little while before they get what I call “iWithdrawal”.

No one wants to go longer than an hour without their precious iPhone, so what does one do when they break their precious iDevice? Send it in the mail to some place in some other state and get it mailed back to them in a “few days”? Or Pay $200 bucks plus tax to get the iPhone swapped out for a refurbished model? How about paying a 200 buck deductible for insurance that they pay $10-$15 dollars a month for? No, none of personal statements these options sound good at all. So what do you do if your in this broken iPhone Screen predicament? Well if you are a Long Islander, you have an option to get it fixed in under 30 minutes, and for up $100 dollars less than the other local options I listed. And Here is the best part of it, you get to keep your actual phone! Yes, we will repair YOUR iPhone, with all of YOUR stuff on it, in usually 30 Minutes, and you’ll be on your way with that extra money you saved still in your wallet. So I do not know what people out of Long Island should do with their broken iPhone problems, but I do know that Nassau and Suffolk county residents have an option that few offer, and that is for a lower priced, FAST.

If you look on our Yelp Page, and go into the Filtered Reviews you can see that we are in the business of making our customers very happy. Oh, and if you are wondering why our reviews are filtered, it is because Yelp does not think they are real reviews, and they filter all 4 and 5 star reviews unless you pay them thesis writing service ridiculous amounts of money monthly basically. So down with yelp in my eyes, but my 5 star reviews are on there.


Broken Screens on the iPhone is our Specialty, and all of our Long Island Customers who have been to us can tell you, we make it happen fast and go above and beyond to make our customers happy. If you are in a super rush, you can give us a call before you come in, so we can allocate you a 30 minute repair slot. We even offer a pick up and drop off service for our Nassau and Suffolk/Nassau Border customers for a minimal surcharge. Or we can come to your place of work or home, with an appointment and do the repair by you for a small surcharge that is based on distance.


Get your iPhone Repair done right. iPhone Repair Long Island, brought to you by (a work in progress) We will fix your broken screen fast.

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