We at iPhone Repair of Long Island, Can now repair your broken iPhone 4S Screen, and Back Cover! If you broke the glass on either side of your iPhone 4S, do not hesitate to call us at 516-364-0002, or even just come in during our business hours to get your iPhone 4S Repaired. We have the replacement parts in stock for your repair and the repair time for the iPhone 4S is about 25-30 Minutes. Do not let your beautiful new iPhone 4S sit there with a broken screen, making it dangerous to use, and uneasy to look at. We will repair it for you, and you will be happy because the phone will look like it did before you had you dropped your precious phone. We are some of the cheapest price around for the iPhone 4S repair, and probably the only store local to Long Island that keeps the parts in stock for a quick repair. Do not fall for other repair shops offering unrealistic repair prices, as they try to sell “Generic” LCD Screen Assemblies for your iPhone 4S, which do not have an original LCD Screen attached to them. Yes you may save some money, but why cheapen your beautiful new phone that is worth far more than that. We use retina display LCD screens with our LCD Touch Screen Replacement Assemblies. Do not hesitate, get your iPhone 4S Repair done by us today, your number 1 iPhone Repair store of Long Island.

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