Long Island SONY Laptop Repair

Sony, one of the leading electronics manufacturers in the world, is known for the quality of their offerings. Their popular video game systems, televisions, cameras, and mobile phones sell in the millions worldwide, so it’s no surprise that the desktop and laptop computers that they offered to consumers were right up there in popularity as well. Unfortunately, the realities of business recently caught up with Sony and with the 2014 sale of their Vaio laptop division they effectively have left the PC industry.


For users of Sony laptops such as the Vaio, this can be a somewhat daunting reality since they like their laptops and in many cases for those who recently purchased them they want to know that they have someone who will support their laptops. iPhone Repair Long Island is a Certified Long Island Sony laptop repair and service provider for the entire Long Island region as well as Syosset & Massapequa. We understand that you purchased your Sony laptop with the belief that you could rely on Sony to support your purchase.


The issues that Sony Vaio owners deal with are no different than those faced by other Windows-based laptops and we are experts in repairing all. Screen issues such as faded or washed-out colors rendering, inconsistent screen quality or physical issues such as cracks and scratches usually require a full screen replacement which can be diagnosed quickly and any replacement can be done in a couple of hours. Power inconsistency issues such as decreased battery life, complete battery failure requiring the laptop to be plugged in to power up or not powering up even when plugged in could be due to a bad battery or issues with the power connection. Battery testing and replacement or testing, replacement of the power chord connection or replacement of the power chord are easily diagnosed and dealt with.


For issues dealing with processing power and consistency or memory issues, we can test the motherboard, RAM and hard drive as well as the connections between these to determine the issue. From replacing any of these items to helping to re-format the hard drive, we can help as well. We will help you to back-up all of your data, make the necessary repairs and get you back to work quickly. All diagnosis are free and you do not need an appointment, simply visit our Syosset location and we can get to work quickly.

Free Diagnosis! We will tell you what is wrong at no charge!

SONY Screen Repair

Done on premise! Most screens in stock! Usually a few hour turn around!

SONY Battery Replacement

SONY Ram and Hard Drive Upgrades