Long Island MacBook Laptop Repair

Free Diagnosis! We will tell you what is wrong at no charge!

For some there is nothing like an Apple laptop, especially the MacBook series and the benefits its offers to people who look to steer clear of the Windows world. Yet, as beautiful and innovative as the MacBooks are, their beauty and innovation hide an unfortunate truth. When something goes wrong with the hardware it can be difficult identifying exactly which Mac you own. Variations of MacBooks, MacBook Pros, Mac Pros, Mac Minis as well as variations among all of Apples various products lines is a challenge as Apple products within a specific product line or series have the tendency to look the same but have different internal hardware.


We are a Long Island Apple MacBook repair and service provider and we are able to help you identify exactly which MacBook you own but also diagnose and repair your MacBook. For screen issues such as physical issues such as cracks and scratches to issues with color rendering on the screen and brightness issues we offer screen repair and if necessary and replacement. Power issues such as the battery not holding a charge, not working unless plugged in or not powering up at all, we will test the battery and connections to the power chord jack to determine which needs replacing or if it is simply a case of strengthening or replacing the battery or power chord jack.


For issues involving processor speeds, memory issues or speed/processing issues when running multiple apps we will test the motherboard, memory and hard drive to see if any of these need to be replaced. In the event that the hard drive needs to be replaced we will help you to ensure that all of your data is backed up fully.


We guarantee that we can help you return your MacBook to optimum working order as quickly as possible, often in 24 hours or less. We offer free diagnosis of your laptop and you do not need to make an appointment, simply come to our offices and we can get to work quickly so that you have as little down time as possible.

Mac Laptop Screen Repair

Done on premise in our Syosset or Massapequa Stores! Most screens in stock! Usually a few hour turn around!

Battery Replacement

Ram and Hard Drive Upgrades