Long Island HP Laptop Repair

Free Diagnosis! We will tell you what is wrong at no charge!

HP is one of the leaders in computer technology and their laptops are among the most popular because of their quality workmanship and reliability. Not only do they comprise a large percentage of annual laptop sales but the growth in HP laptop use has steadily increased over the last few years. While HP laptops are popular for their reliability, they are still susceptible to mechanical issues. While many HP service providers focus on issues related to booting, virus attacks / spyware and data protection and recovery. iPhone Repair Long Island, a Certified Long Island HP laptop repair provider, focuses on the hardware as that is where the issues occur that require the experience and skills that our technicians possess.

All laptops, regardless of the brand, can have hardware related issues and HP is not different. But because of the HP design a high level of technical knowledge of the HP Brand makes even the most difficult repairs common place. You do not need an appointment at our Syosset or Massapequa iPhone Repair Long Island stores, you can simply bring your laptop to our centrally located Syosset office and we will perform a free diagnosis to eliminate the possibility of a software or OS issue. Once we have identified the issue as hardware we will bring you up to speed and then get to work.

Most repairs can be handled during your visit to our office. For screen issues such as poor color rendering, intermittent breaks or lines in what you see on the screen or even if the screen has been scratched or cracked, we are able to replace the screen quickly. For power related issues such as the battery not holding a charge, short battery life, the laptop not powering up unless it is plugged in or even if it is plugged in, we will run diagnostics on the battery, the power chord jack and the power chord as well as check to ensure that none of the wires might be grounded. Once we have pinpointed the issue we will repair or replace the components quickly. If the issue you are experiencing deals with memory or processing problems, we will check the motherboard, RAM and hard drive to ensure that all are working properly. While replacing the motherboard or RAM is a relatively simple process, a hard drive reformatting or replacement would require securing all of your data. We will help you to back up all of your data, images and music so that once the laptop is returned to optimum performance level the data can be restored to get you back to normal again.

HP Laptop Screen Repair

Done on premise! Most screens in stock! Usually a few hour turn around!

HP Battery Replacement

HP Ram and Hard Drive Upgrades