iPhone 5S Repair

iRepair is where to get your iPhone 5S repair done on long island.  Conveniently located in Massapequa. We can quickly fix a range of problems with the iPhone 5S from broken screens to batteries that die far too quickly.  The iPhone 5S was released in September of 2013, and was Apples first iPhone using the revolutionary touch ID technology for quickly accessing your device.

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iPhone 5S Screen Repair

If your iPhone 5S screen is cracked we got you covered.  If it has lines in it, cracked broken glass, or just is not working in general, iRepair in Massapequa is where we can help get your iPhone 5S back into working order. 

iPhone 5S Battery Replacement

No – you do not need to buy an entire new phone, just because your battery is not holding a charge anymore.  At iRepair we can replace your battery on your iPhone 5S in about 15 minutes, and get your phone working the way it did when you first got it.  We offer quick iPhone 5S battery replacement services for all of our Long Island customers.

iPhone 5S Water Damage Recovery

iPhone 5S take a dip?  Water + iPhone = Panic.  At iRepair, we can often recover your wet iPhone 5S.  The FASTER you get the wet phone to us, the better the chance of recovery.

How much does it cost?

At iRepair,  Long Islands iPhone repair destination, we offer many budget-friendly services for your iPhone XX. We don’t list our prices because they are typically changing all the time, often getting cheaper with time.  Please contact us today for a quote for your XX Repair