iPhone 4S Repair for Long Island


The new iPhone 4S is great right. With Siri, the new 8MP Camera, and a crazy fast new processor, you just HAD to upgrade to the new iPhone 4S. But Sadly, just like the iPhone Models before it, it can and will drop, and the glass screen can break. Lucky for you, iPhone Repair Long Island can Repair your broken iPhone 4S Screen in about 30 Minutes. Yes I really did say 30 Minutes, no you do not have to leave your precious iPhone 4S overnight, nor do you have to mail it away. And unlike some other competitor shops on the Island, we pride ourselves on HONESTY. When you break your screen on your iPhone 4S you do not have to be concerned that you will all of a sudden be billed for 3 other random repairs. If you broke your screen, we will fix your screen and not tell you there is multiple random surcharges.


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