The iPhone 4 Was released by Apple in 2010. It Was the Successor to the iPhone 3GS, and the biggest leap in features by any iPhone Yet. The iPhone 4 Launched with iOS 4 on it, which introduced many new features to the iPhone. The iPhone 4 was a complete visual and internal redesign from the other phones produced by Apple in the past. The iPhone 4 Came with a front facing camera, for face time (video chat), a Highly upgraded 5 MP Camera on the rear that could record in 720P HD Video, and a LED Flash. This model also introduced the “Retina Display” which is to date, one of the best looking screens on any phone to date. The iPhone 4 Came in 2 Sizes, 16GB and 32 GB, and was supposed to come in white and black models as well, but this got postponed to spring of 2011. This phone also was the first phone that Apple produced a Verizon Version of which launched in February of 2011.


We Offer to Repair the iPhone 4 at a Competitive cost, and very quickly. Average Repair Time is 10-30 Minutes.
Some Repairs we offer for the iPhone 4 include, but are not limited to the following:

[accordion_toggle title=”iPhone 4 Touch Screen and LCD Replacement Service”]
Oh You Fancy with your new iPhone 4, Face timing away with your friends, until *SMASH* the all glass phone slips out of your hand somehow, or falls off your car onto the hard mean ground. Now what? Apple wants 200+ to fix the phone, and you already spent so much on it. We Can help! We Offer a repair service for the iPhone 4, that replaces the Touch Screen Digitizer, and the LCD Screen in one shot. This is how the phone must be repaired, as the two parts are one piece on this model iPhone. It Does not matter if it is a Black iPhone, White iPhone, AT&T, or Verizon, we can fix it and the the parts in stock to do so quickly and efficiently. Oh and do not forget our 90 Day Warranty we offer on all of our repair services.
[accordion_toggle title=”iPhone 4 Battery Replacement”]
The iPhone 4 is a media maniac of the phone world, which means you probably use it to surf the web, and play games, etc. The iPhone 4 has been out for over a year now, and there is a good chance that your Battery is not holding the same charge as it did when you first bought it. We can put a brand new battery in for you in under 5 minutes, and have your iPhone 4 lasting you just as long as when you first bought it!
[accordion_toggle title=”iPhone 4 Glass Back Housing Replacement”]
The iPhone 4 is like an Aluminum Sandwich, Glass Bottom, Aluminum Middle and Glass front. Whats this mean? It means the phone is gorgeous and shiny, it also means that the back cover of the phone can shatter just as easy as the front of the iPhone. We Repair this, fast and for a good price. This repair takes on average of 5 minutes, and we send you off with a brand new glass back cover on your iPhone 4. Now doesn’t that sound easy? Come in today to fix the back of your iPhone 4 at our Syosset, Long Island Location.
[accordion_toggle title=”iPhone 4 Water Damage Recovery”]
*Ka-Plunk* goes the iPhone 4… That is one of the worst sounds an iPhone user could ever hear. Your Photos, Contacts, Text messages, Angry Birds Top Scores, and more fall into a watery abyss. Now what? Put it in rice and hope? Yes this may work, but if it does not we offer a suite of tools we use to bring your Water Logged iPhone 4 back from its soggy grave. We can usually fix water damage about 85% of the time with these phones. The prices range for water recovery, but we can also bring it back to life just enough to get your data out of your phone, or we can replace components of the iPhone 4 to get it fully functional for use again, this is up to you entirely. But here is the part that makes it worth trying…. If we cannot fix it or bring it back to life at all, we do not charge! How about that! So if we don’t fix it we do not charge you for having us try, what do you have to lose?


All Repairs comes with a 90 Day Warranty on the Repair. If you need to ask us a question about an iPhone 4 Repair, Or any question in general, Please Feel Free To Leave a Comment on this post, or call 516-364-0002 for more info.


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