The iPhone 3GS Was released by Apple in 2009. It Was the Successor to the iPhone 3G. It launched with iPhone OS 3.0 at the time, which added the promise of MMS Messaging. This phone was similar to the iPhone 3G Visually, but had the addition of a higher mega-pixel camera, a video camera setting, and a faster processor. The iPhone 3GS came in 2 sizes at launch, 16GB and 32 GB, both available in Black or white. This phone was moved to entry pricing with a Black 8GB model in 2010 when the iPhone 4 Was Released. The iPhone 3G Can be distinguished from the iPhone 3G by the writing on the back of the iPhone. On the 3GS, the word “iPhone” and the GB amount, are printed in chrome like the Apple Logo, where on the iPhone 3G… they are printed in a dull white, totally different from the Apple logo.


We Offer to Repair the iPhone 3GS at a Reasonable cost, and in a quick time frame. Some Repairs we offer for the iPhone 3GS include, but are not limited to the following:

[accordion_toggle title=”iPhone 3GS Touch Screen Replacement Service”]
If your iPhone 3GS has a cracked Glass Touch screen, look no further. We Can replace the Glass Touch Screen for you while you wait, and the whole repair takes usually no more than
15 minutes. It will be a completely new glass touch screen, making your iPhone 3GS look like a new phone. We always have these screens in stock, so do not worry about us having to
order it for you, because it is here already. As with all off our Repair Services, we offer a 90 Day Warranty for any defects on the replacement part we install for you.
[accordion_toggle title=”iPhone 3GS LCD Screen Replacement Service”]
The LCD is the Screen under the Touch screen of the iPhone 3G. It is the screen that produces the actual picture on the phone, that you see. If this has no back light, has cracks running through it, is all white, or all black, or has gray or black blotches on it, then this is the repair for you. We can replace your broken LCD on your iPhone 3GS in 15 Minutes or Less usually, and offer a 90 day warranty on the part in case of any defects. Get it done today by iPhone Repair Long Island, Located on Jericho Tpke, in Syosset.
[accordion_toggle title=”iPhone 3G Battery Replacement”]
Odd are that your iPhone 3G Battery is on its last legs, or died already. The phone has been out for 3 years now, and the battery on these devices are meant to last a year or 2 tops. Even if you are still getting some juice out of your iPhone 3G battery, it probably holds only a fraction of the charge it did when you first purchased the iPhone. If you love your iPhone 3G, Live on Long Island, and want to replace your battery, look no further. We offer quick battery replacement for the iPhone 3G in our Syosset Location. It takes 15 minutes about, and you will have a brand new battery powering your iPhone 3G. This part is usually in stock, so just give us a quick call today, or just come in, and if we do not have it in stock, we can and will order it for you to have within a day or two.
[accordion_toggle title=”iPhone 3GS Housing Replacement”]
Is your iPhone 3G all scratched up, cracked, and looks like it badly needs some tender loving care? We can provide that to you at iPhone Repair Long Island. We do not only replace the back housing of the iPhone 3GS, but we replace the Bezel on the front, All of the side Buttons, the Vibrate Toggle Switch, the Charging port, and the Headphone jack when we do this repair. We Bring your iPhone 3GS Back to new condition. When you do this repair, you can upgrade to a FULL REFURBISHMENT, for an additional fee to replace the front screen as well, making it looks brand new front and back. We Have some of these in stock, but not always every color and size combination, so give us a call or just come in, and if we do not have it we will order it for you immediately.
[accordion_toggle title=”iPhone 3GS Water Damage Recovery”]
*Ka-Plunk* goes the iPhone… That is one of the worst sounds an iPhone user could ever hear. Your Photos, Contacts, Text messages, Angry Birds Top Scores, and more fall into a watery abyss. Now what? Put it in rice and hope? Yes this may work, but if it does not we offer a suite of tools we use to bring your Water Logged iPhone 3GS back from its soggy grave. We can usually fix water damage about 85% of the time with these phones. The prices range for water recovery, but we can also bring it back to life just enough to get your data out of your phone, or we can replace components of the iPhone to get it fully functional for use again, this is up to you entirely. But here is the part that makes it worth trying…. If we cannot fix it or bring it back to life at all, we do not charge! How about that! So if we don’t fix it we do not charge you for having us try, what do you have to lose?


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