iPad 4th Generation. Repair

The fourth generation iPad (also known as iPad with Retina display), was introduced in 2012, less than a year after the iPad 3. Following the announcement of the iPad Air on October 22, 2013, the sale of the “iPad 4” was discontinued. The fourth generation iPad was reintroduced in March of this year, following the discontinuation of the iPad 2.

If your iPad is giving you any problems, come to iPhone Repair Long Island and we’ll diagnose the problem free of charge. Here are some the issues you may encounter with your fourth generation iPad:

Where’s the Wi-Fi?

The Wi-Fi, or rather the lack of it, seems to have been the most popular problem with the iPad with Retina display. With iPad users expecting quick loading pages from their wireless signals, any slowdown can be frustrating. Let iPhone Repair Long Island diagnose the situation and find out if it’s a connectivity issue or an internal issue.

Charging problems

Some iPad owners say they have issues with charging their iPad 4. Owners have encountered situations in which the connector is not recognized, even though the new machine features a lightning connector. It could be the new 8-pin plug that’s causing the problems. It could be the device’s charging port. iPhone Repair Long Island will give you the lowdown free of charge and let you decide if it’s worth fixing.

Button Up

Constant and rough use can easily lead to abuse if your device is not handled carefully. Are you having problems with the Power button being unresponsive? Does it get stuck in the down position? Does it appear to work only intermittently? Does your Home button seems like it’s a million miles away? If you’re having a hard time getting any of these buttons to do their jobs, pay us a visit at iPhone Repair Long Island and let us do our job — getting you back on line.

Screen Repair

Screen damage is probably the most common issue associated with the iPad. The delicate design of the device doesn’t hold up well to being dropped or abused and many times results in a shattered, cracked or broken screen. Reduced brightness, blotches, lines, color correctness and touch sensitivity may also need to be addressed. For any of these screen repairs, write down our address and come to iPhone Repair Long Island.

iPad 4th Generation Screen Repair

iPhone Repair Long Island can fix your broken iPad 4th Generation Screen. You can tell if you need a new screen if:

iPad 4th Generation Power Button Repair

iPad 4th Generation Battery Replacement

The battery on the iPad 4th Generation is supposedly rated at 400-500 charge cycles. A charge cycle is any form of discharging the battery then charging it, even if just for a minute. We see that the iPad 4th Generation battery typically starts showing degraded performance after about 12 months of use.


iPad 4th Generation Charger Port Repair

The charger port on the iPad 4th Generation can go bad very easily; anything from a cheap charger or a moist cup holder in your car can break it.