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The third generation iPad introduced Retina display in 2012 and three million units were sold in the first three days on the market. It drew controversy when LTE incompatibilities arose and was only officially available for 221 days when the fourth generation iPad was announced in October of the same year.

If you were one of the customers that purchased this version of the iPad, fear not. iPhone Repair Long Island still gives you a free diagnosis if you have any issues with your device. Here are some of the more common repairs iPhone Repair Long Island handles:

Screen Repair

As newer generations of the iPad were redesigned to become sleeker, they became more vulnerable to abuse. Though the third generation iPad is actually heavier than its predecessor, some users say it is more fragile when dropped, resulting in broken, cracked and shattered screens. Brightness issues, blotches, lines, color inconsistency and touch sensitivity can also appearing on a deteriorating screen. If any of these issues are ruining your iPad experience, iPhone Repair Long Island can give your device a new look.

Battery Charges

There were reports from iPad 3 users claiming their device takes longer to recharge than previous models. Does your battery seem to have less and less juice? Does it take longer to fully charge? iPhone Repair Long Island will let you know if you need to replace the battery or if it’s just one of the quirks associated with the iPad 3.

Why no WiFi?

Some connectivity issues were encountered by third generation iPad users. Connect with iPhone Repair Long Island and we’ll let you know if it’s a network problem or an internal issue that we can fix.

Pressing the Right Buttons

As with any device, excessive rough use can result in problems with buttons. Do you have to consistently force the Power button down to get your device to work? Does it get stuck? Is it unresponsive? Does it appear to work only intermittently? Do you have trouble finding your way back Home? Don’t press the Panic Button. Problems with your Power or Home Buttons can very easily fixed by iPhone Repair Long Island.

iPhone Repair Long Island provides a diagnosis of your iPhone or iPad’s condition free of charge!

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