Did you drop your iPad and break the screen, or let it fall in the hot tub and think all hope is lost? Well it is not. We offer free diagnosis on your iPad 1 so that you can know whats going on and if it is worth doing the repair without and out of pocket expense. We can fix everything on the iPad from a broken screen, to a faulty charging port. We will even buy your old iPad 1 from you if you decide to get a newer one or do not want it anymore. We can fix your iPad 1 same day if you choose to fix it. Give us a call today, or come in – no appointment is ever necessary.

The first generation iPad was unveiled by Apple in 2010 and more than 15 million of them were sold to the public. That means if you’re still using the original 9.7 inch screen, there’s a good chance you might need some maintenance on it.

Has the original iPad outlived its usefulness? Absolutely not. While it may seem like ancient history because of all the changes Apple has made, old may not necessarily mean obsolete. You can still put your future collector’s item to good use. Without a doubt, a first-generation iPad makes a perfect guest or coffee table computer. The old iPad is still perfect for web browsing. It’s instant-on nature, long battery life and longevity while in standby/sleep mode makes it easier to maintain than a traditional Windows PC, and having online information at your fingertips is convenient for guests, young and old.

You can use it to look up just about anything: answers to trivia, movie information, the name of that song you can’t remember or anything else on the web.

So if your machine is still in circulation and you need to get it up to speed, bring it to iPhone Repairs Long Island. We handle all the major repairs on your original iPad. If the screen on your original didn’t survive four years of usage, we’ll be able to replace it.

We offer a free diagnosis, so you’ll have an idea if it’s worth fixing and what your out-of-pocket expenses might be.

A four-year old machine has most likely seen a lot of wear and tear, so we can repair damaged Power and Home buttons. You may also have a faulty charging port due to extensive usage or possibly have battery issues.

We can even buy your old iPad 1 from you if you decide to upgrade and don’t want to use it anymore. iPhone Repairs Long Island can fix your original iPad same day if you choose to have the work done.

The pod bay doors are always open for your iPad questions at iPhone Repairs Long Island.