iPad Repair Massapequa


Did you drop your precious iPad and break the glass screen? No worries, iPhone Repair Long Island, of Massapequa can repair your damaged glass touch screen on your iPad. Whether you have an Original iPad, or an iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad air or Mini, we can fix your screen the same day and get you back in action. We offer two screen qualities with our screen repair service. We offer the same screen that your iPad came with when you bought it, with an Oleo-phobic Coating on a Gorilla Glass Screen with a 12 Month Warranty. And we also offer a Generic Glass screen with a 90 Day warranty. We offer the fastest turn around time in Massapequa, and on Long Island for getting your iPad back in your hands after dropping it or stepping on it. Come in to our Massapequa or Syosset location today to get your iPad working again.


We offer a range of Repairs in Massapequa, Long Island for your iPad. We can fix the broken glass touch screen, a faulty LCD, a bad battery, or even a home button or charger port that no longer works right. We offer these same day services on the iPad 2, iPad 3/4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and last but definitely not least, the very popular iPad Mini.

iPad Charging Problems

[message type="info"]Before you decide you need a repair on your battery or charging port, make sure you are using the full size iPad wall charger that it came with, or an equivalent *10 or 12 Watt Wall charger. If you are trying to charge your iPad with the wall charger that came with your phone, it will NOT charge, and if it does it will charge very slowly[/message]

We can replace the charging port on any iPad you own. You typically know you need this repair if you plug your charging cable in and it does not show as charging, or if you wiggle the wire it keeps going back and forth between charging and not charging. Before you do any more damage to the charging port of the device, bring it into us and let us diagnose it for free and see what the problem is.

If your device is charging , but just not holding a charge as long as it should, you may need a new battery in your iPad. This is a common repair due to how often people use their iPad throughout the day.


iPad Screen Problems

Sometimes your screen may not work, but the glass is not broken. It can have lines in it, be discolored, have blotches in it, look fuzzy or just be all black and have no backlight. This is usually a case of needing a new LCD in your iPad. We offer this repair in our Massapequa and Syosset repair facilities. It is a same day service in most cases and usually at most takes a few hours.