iPad Mini Repairs

Just because it’s called the iPad Mini , that doesn’t mean iPhone Repair Long Island won’t treat your iPad problems with any less urgency.

Screen Repair

Cracked or broken screens are still the most common repair on the iPad Mini. Smaller screen, but still a big problem. Long Island iPad mini repair company, iPhone Repair Long Island can replace your screen and check to see if colors are registering properly or the touch sensitivity is functioning consistently.

Auto brightness

Many users have reported problems with auto-brightness on the iPad Mini. If you’re surrounded by bright light, the screen brightness should quickly adjust by increasing automatically. If you go to a dark area, it should gradually decrease in brightness. If the screen is not correcting itself accordingly, you may need assistance from iPhone Repair Long Island.

Freeze Frame

Slowdowns and freezes are often resolved by doing a reset. That means holding down the Power button and the Home button simultaneously for 10 seconds. You’ll know it worked when you see the Apple logo. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, come to iPhone Repair Long Island for further help.

Home Sweet Home

As with any device, extensive wear and tear can affect The Home button on the iPad Mini. It can stick, lose sensitivity or not work at all. Let iPhone Repair Long Island have a look.

The Power

Without power, your iPad Mini isn’t going to be of much use. If you’re having issues with the Power Button or you’re not getting enough life out of your battery, you may need some repairs. iPhone Repair Long Island may have to replace your Power Button. We can also see what’s squeezing the life out of your iPad Mini.

Check 1, 2, 3 …

Some microphones on the iPad Mini encounter problems during FaceTime calls, when using Skype, or with another service. The first thing to do is try a couple of different services to make sure it isn’t app related or some stray dust. If that isn’t the case, have iPhone Repair Long Island check your microphone.

Can you hear me now?

Some users have reported that when they plug headphones into their iPad Mini there is no sound. Assuming you are getting sound through the speakers normally, but it doesn’t work with the headphones, there are a couple of things to try. That reset could be your saving grace again. If not, by iPhone Repair Long Island and we’ll hear you out.


You may be experiencing Wi-Fi problems, charging issues, or difficulties accessing iTunes. iPhone Repair Long Island can help you delete those problems from your machine as well.