Macbook Screen Repair Long Island

Macbook Screen Repair   iPhone Repair Long Island Can fix the broken screen on you MacBook. If you just broke the glass screen or your dented the top and broke the LCD, we can repair it for you fast. Our price on a Macbook screen repair is about half of what the big name store […]

iPhone 5 Screen Repair

iPhone 5 Screen Repair iPhone Repair Long Island can fix your broken iPhone 5 Screen! iPhone Repair Long Island can repair your broken iPhone 5 screen today! Don’t walk around getting broken glass shards in your hands, or having to squint because you can barely see your iPhone 5 screen. We can repair it for […]

iPhone Repair in Bellmore New York

The iPhone is known for its easily broken screen. Our Bellmore, NY iPhone users can tell you that it does not take much to break your glass screen. If you are a Bellmore, NY iPhone User and break your screen, or break any other part of your iPhone then you are in luck! At iPhone […]

Cell Phone Repair Long Island

Does your iPhone Need CPR? We can Resuscitate your broken iPhone and have it working like new again. Don’t trust the shops that tell you to “call an hour before you come” or are ALWAYS out of parts. And why would you want to go to a Car Audio store to fix your phone? We […]

iPhone 4S Repair on Long Island

iPhone 4S Repair for Long Island   The new iPhone 4S is great right. With Siri, the new 8MP Camera, and a crazy fast new processor, you just HAD to upgrade to the new iPhone 4S. But Sadly, just like the iPhone Models before it, it can and will drop, and the glass screen can […]

Blackberry Repair on Long Island

Blackberry Repair Service on Long Island   iPhone Repair Long Island, does not only repair the obvious iPhone Devices, We also fix broken screens on your Blackberry. Not only can we fix your Broken Blackberry screen, but we can repair your Blackberry Keyboard, Blackberry Track Pad, and Blackberry Track Ball. Oh And Did I mention […]

Long Island Loves the iPhone

So I have been in the business of repairing the iPhone and its cousins since the iPhone 3G first came out, which is what i consider the true first iPhone, due to the overwhelming response it brought upon, and the introduction of the infamous “App Store”. In the time since then, I have repaired a […]

Long Island iPhone 4S Repair Services Available Now

We at iPhone Repair of Long Island, Can now repair your broken iPhone 4S Screen, and Back Cover! If you broke the glass on either side of your iPhone 4S, do not hesitate to call us at 516-364-0002, or even just come in during our business hours to get your iPhone 4S Repaired. We have […]

iPhone 4S Review and Observation

iPhone 4S Review – And Internal Observations   First Thoughts: Yay, Siri…. Finally you can tell me where to hide a dead body, or where to find a rehab clinic, or even tell me what you are wearing. “Siri, Why is my battery dying so fast?” Siri “I do not know”. So the iPhone 4S […]

Get Your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry or HTC Touch Screen Glass Fixed

    Long Island Has a lot of Broken Phones to Fix Broken iPhone 4 Screen? Need a repair on your new Blackberry? Did you drop your iPad in the Jacuzzi? At iPhone Repair Long Island, we are here to repair more than just the iPhone. It doesnt matter if you are from Syosset (11791), […]